What You Need to Know About Equipment When You Begin Scuba Diving

What You Need to Know About Equipment When You Begin Scuba Diving

With any sports equipment or clothing your scuba gear will need to ensure it fits well, it should be snug and comfortable. If you have a poorly fitting mask or wet suit your dive will not be enjoyable. Just imagine if your mask does not fit well, you will spend the whole dive clearing it and missing the whale shark going past. When fitting on your mask try it on with the snorkel to ensure they work together.

Next up will be your fins or flippers and take note that some are worn with booties where others are not. So bring your booties along when testing them out. When trying on your wet suit or even your dry suit ensure it fits well and you are able to feel free to move around. Now you have covered your basic equipment its time to look at more technical scuba equipment such as your buoyancy control device and regulators etc.

Your buoyancy control device is an essential piece of equipment and has two roles, firstly it holds your tank and weights and secondly as the name says it will allow you to stay buoyant while underwater.

Next is the regulator and this is the part of equipment that allows you to breath underwater, it transfers the high pressure air in your tank to breathable air. Do not save money on this piece of equipment as it is key to your survival. The regulator comes with second air source or as its known an octopus. Probably the last piece of equipment that you will want to buy is the tank as most places around the world will include it in the price of the dive.

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Now comes the small items that you will want to carry, such as a diving flag, sausage marker and reel, torch, cutting tools and many more gadgets. All these items are essential items which are always ignored by novice divers but they could save your life in future. Sausage is an important item that needs to be used at every dive, as it will inform boats and others that there is a diver below so when you start to surface the boats will not be near you.

Do not forget buy yourself a good sized bag as all this stuff will need somewhere to carry and store.

Now off you go and enjoy your next dive knowing your equipment better.