Why Do Beginner Surfers Use Epoxy Surfboards?

The term pop-out is thrown around a lot in surfing these days, its used to describe a board that is mass produced and commonly made of a form of plastic or epoxy. These boards used to be large, heavy and generally didn?t surf to great. BUT, things are changing, ?pop out? boards are now being made lighter with better flex characteristics and still very tough, this combined with there low cost makes them perfect beginner boards. Brands such as Bic and Nsp have become some of the most popular surf brands in the world because of this and thousands of surfers around the world enjoy there boards.

Why epoxy boards make great beginner boards:

* They are cheap! ? Epoxy boards are often cheaper than there PU equivalents

* They last longer ? Because they are made from a tougher material they hold there ?structural itegrity? for longer.

* They are tough ? epoxy boards don?t ding or crack as easily as PU boards. Any repairs that are needed can be done easily with cheap epoxy filler.

* They have good shapes ? most of the large epoxy board manufactures use tried and tested surfboard shapes, shapes that thousands of people have used in the past and have been constantly refined. This gives any buyer confidence that the surfboard they are using is right for them.

* They may have learnt of one ? many surf schools use epoxy boards to teach people how to surf.

Many beginners go for epoxy boards as they are an easy and cheap entry into surfing and as the technology improves this will sure to continue.

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