Why Use Dive Weights?

Why Use Dive Weights?

When a person is involved in something that is as complex as diving, one should be really aware of the gear that he needs to incorporate in this leisure activity. It takes a full know-how on what a diver needs when indulging in scuba diving. Scuba weights or dive weights one of the essential equipment that a diver needs to incorporate with his diving equipment since they counterweight the balance of the diving equipment like the diving suits or the diving cylinders.

The determined weight of the scuba weights should be equalized with the weight and height of the diver, the buoyancy of the diving gear like the diving suit and the air tanks, the salinity or saltiness of the diving environment, and the overall temperature of the water. The normal range of these weights would be from 20 to 40 lbs. again depending on the diver and his gear. Normally encased in belts, or placed in helmets, these weights really are essential in a diver’s quest to see the unknown underwater.

One of the main functions of these weights is to weigh down the diver underwater to avoid floating above water for the times he wishes to remain submerged. It is also used in free diving since it minimizes buoyancy due to compression of the dive suits used. In scuba diving, may it be for the novice diver or for the professional, staying submerged is one of the greatest challenges that one needs to master since lack or uncontrolled buoyancy can damage the equipment used, add stress to the diving that may cause panic and unwanted emergencies or harm the environment that one is diving in.

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With the use of these weights, many important factors are considered, since they can be used as in emergency situations, like if there is need to provide instantaneous increase in buoyancy if the need arises since with their release, they balance out the need to even out the air pressure. In surface supplied diving, uneven weight can cause a diver potential harm that may cause fatality due to decompression or the overall release of pressure. A diver needs to achieve the neutral buoyancy underwater since when one exhales, most divers will sink when in freshwater but with a lung full of air will float in seawater. The need for added weight is essential, that is why dive weights are needed. In free diving, where there is no air equipment used, these weights are used to give the needed push to submerge and to stay submerged in unimaginable depths, since there is no other equipment that might possibly weigh them down while they achieve the depths that they are targeting.

Overall, it’s really a matter of safety and functionality being the reason why these weights are used and are deemed essential for each dive. They are part of the overall package that makes scuba diving, not only a great sport or leisure activity, but also a safe and enjoyable pastime, may it be for novices or professionals alike.