Working in One Day Good

Day working in a cubicle, no time to campaign workers, should be very like to use the treadmill fitness? But some workers complained that the frequent use of the treadmill will make her body hurt. In fact, the treadmill itself is no problem, but using methods not properly will harm people’s health.

One, on the treadmill before doing warm-upOn the treadmill before the warm-up, otherwise easily lead to the thigh, calf muscle. The leg press, squat, stretching the Muscle Flexor extensor, joint can improve muscle temperature, so that the muscles become more soft. After walking, jogging on a treadmill from” dynamic” begins with a warm-up, and gradually increase the amount of exercise, this process usually takes 10 to 15 minutes is appropriate. In addition, under treadmill should also gradually slowed down, to avoid a sense of vertigo and fall.

Two, speed is not set too fastUsing the treadmill must first understand their limits of movement. If the manual does not follow to go up, the speed is fast, it is easy to fall.

Three, exercise should be appropriateDuring locomotion on a treadmill time according to the movement, intensity of purpose. If it is for the purpose to lose weight, exercise time shoulds not be too short should not be too long, 40 minutes is appropriate, otherwise easily burnout.

Four, must tighten the waist abdomen and chest, back musclesAlso need to be reminded that, running is aerobic exercise, the body will participate, running if the chest back, or held the handle, not only to the effect of movement, but also increase the lumbar pressure,Nike Free Run Cheap a long time will cause of lumbar muscle strain. Therefore, during exercise on a treadmill must tighten the waist abdomen and chest, back muscles.

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Five, using the treadmill to concentrateRunning do watch TV and other distractions. Many reported that the friends of running like watch TV, it will distract you, have a bit inadvertent will be injured, especially those who are not familiar with the treadmill operation, as well as the exercise intensity is larger. If you feel boring, running can listen to some light music. Research shows, rhythmic music can effectively improve the movement effect, increased exercise fun.

Six, in the home treadmill to shoesNow many reported that the friends of home treadmills. But if running barefoot, treadmill vibration on leg joints causing unnecessary harm, to make the foot sweat, is more likely to slip; although wear a pair of thick socks can play a certain effect, but after all the socks without movement of the sole flexibility, replace sports shoes role. Therefore, exercise on a treadmill, had better wear a pair of jogging shoes, jogging shoes than ordinary shoes to light, sole is relatively soft, suitable for on the treadmill. If not, the ordinary sports shoes can also, but to choose a lighter, do not too thick.Treadmill safe use 10 strokes

In 1, the fitness club before any exercise, do physical tests, if you have a disease or a drug allergy history, also need to have a doctor’s certificate. Safety is always the first one.

2, wear appropriate clothing, particularly for sports shoes, must select a pair of comfortable, comfortable sports shoes.

3, using the treadmill before examination treadmill placed is stable, mesa is dry.

In 4, at the beginning of the movement before the feet to stand on a treadmill on both sides of the pedal part, and the emergency brake clip to the clothes. When everything is ready, the treadmill began when rotating, and feet on the treadmill table, if it is used for the first time, need to put hands on both sides of the rotary handle.

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5, exercise when the eyes look ahead, do not suddenly turned away, not to look back, otherwise you will lose balance.

6, if your sense of balance is not good, when running, don’t hold weights.

7, don’t run on a treadmill run down, or do some dangerous action.

In 8, the end of the training to make his heart rate down to 120 beats per minute following you can press the stop key.

In 9, under the treadmill time must be table stopped completely, many accidents are occurring at the end of the movement.

10, if your weight more than 140 kilograms, don’t” torture” treadmill.