Parkour Extreme Sports Full of Benefits

Parkour is not just an extreme sports that relies on body strength to jump high while performing. However, there are health benefits from doing this French sport.

Parkour or l’art du déplacement or better known as parkour is a free running sport that is carried out on the principle of the ability of the human body. This sport manages to move from one place to another quickly and efficiently. In order to be able to move quickly from one place to another, a Traceur [as Parkour players] must run, jump, climb and even somersault and various other ways.

Of course that is not an easy thing to do. Traceur must practice seriously, in order to do parkour tricks. They also need to regulate their emotions to cultivate courage and dispel fear. Because, not infrequently Traceur had to jump from the roof of a tall building to another with a gap that was quite far.

If you have mastered it, Traceur will look great and invite admiration. However, parkour is not just an extreme sports that can show off the athletic prowess of the body. As reported by Medical Daily, there are other benefits that can be obtained when pursuing this sport.

  1. Cultivate the body

Parkour is a sport that requires movement to move all parts of the body so that cardiovascular exercises are needed that make the perpetrators get a fit body.

  1. Think fast

When doing parkour, a traceur must run, jump and climb to get through obstacles at high speed. They also have to make decisions quickly when facing certain obstacles. If you hesitate a little, it’s not impossible that Traceur will fall or hit an obstacle. Thus, parkour trains the perpetrator to think quickly.

  1. Build confidence

Without self-confidence, Traceur will be full of doubts in overcoming obstacles. If you have mastered it, this confidence will also spread to other activities outside of parkour.

Want to get these benefits, Brava Listeners? Start practicing parkour to become a Traceur.